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All configuration and data are house under an organization. Team members are invited to an organization.


Each organisation can provision multiple platforms to reflect the online platforms they operate where user-generated content is hosted.

Complex Type

A complex type can be anything that contains user-generated content, e.g., a user profile, a forum post, a video upload or a chat message. It is composed of various fields defined by simple types.

Simple Type

There are a defined set of simple types

  • text
  • image
  • audio
  • video
  • uri
  • file


A content is an instance of a complex type. It is a user generated content on your platform. Content could be created, updated, deleted and moderated

Content fields

A complex type is composed of a collection of typed fields, e.g., a user profile may contain an avatar (image) and a username (text).

The content field is identified in incoming data using a unique id.

Each field can be analysed using a set of pipelines we call a Strategy.


A strategy is an analytical interface with a method that can be invoked to analyse the value of a content field as input and returns an evaluation.

For each type of media, there are a range of strategies available within Checkstep, e.g., an image can be analysed using AWS Rekognition and text can be analysed using Checkstep Machine Learning classifiers.

Strategy Evaluation

Each strategy will return a label and score in the inclusive range [0.0,1.0], called evaluation which can be used to configure policies.


Policies reflect your Trust and Safety guidelines for your community. They are described by a title, a description and a set of rules over the strategy evaluations.


AI Threshold for Policy Rules

  • Lower Threshold: anything equal or greater than the Lower Threshold and below the Higher Threshold will be sent for moderator review
  • Higher Threshold: anything equal or greater than the Higher Threshold will be actioned automatically

Content case

A content case is compiling all the pieces of evidence related to a content :

  • the different versions of the content, with analysis results
  • the decisions
  • the appeals
  • the reports

From these pieces, a log of incident is computed and stored inside the content case


When a piece of scanned content triggers any of the implemented policy rules, an incident is generated which requires some actioning.